Oct 2019 Quarterly Board Meeting

For our next quarterly meeting on Sat Oct 19 (2-4pm, Patton Township Meeting Room), the Board of Directors will be voting on changes to the bylaws.

Summary of changes:

(1) The language describing the organization will be changed from being an "unincorporated association" to being a "not for profit corporation" to reflect the new legal state we plan to enter.

(2) The Member's Advocate position will be defined. This definition will include voting powers as a 5th member of the Board of Directors. It will also clarify no further members have voting rights at board meetings at this time.

(3) There is an optional change to be voted upon, which will transition the Member's Advocate position from being a position appointed by the BoD to being a position voted in by general membership.

(4) General grammatical corrections. 

The Board will poll the general membership for advice and opinion upon the bylaws, then vote upon acceptance of the bylaws as the Board. Opinions may be solicited to happyvalleygoldenwheel at gmail.com prior to the BoD meeting start, or in person at the meeting.

Upon a successful acceptance vote of the changed bylaws by the Board, in the case summary change (3) takes effect, the newly defined Member's Advocate position will be up for an immediate general membership vote, the Open Board of Directors Meeting will conclude, and a Special General Members Meeting will start. Candidates may be submit up to the commencement of the Special General Members Meeting bid for election by themselves or another member either remotely via the happyvalleygoldenwheel at gmail.com address or in person. Candidate must be present and accept the nomination, and be a dues paid member of good standing. Candidates may (recommended) provide a short speech promoting their candidacy.

The application for and admission of new dues paid members may occur during either meeting.