Date: Dec 21, 2019

Time: 5pm-11pm

Location: To be announced (somewhere between State College, PA and Stormstown, PA)

Honor and celebrate the energies of the Solstice with Happy Valley Golden Wheel! We will be hosting a potluck dinner with main course provided - please bring appetizers, sides, desserts and BYOB! There will be a gift swap after dinner - see later on this page for details of how to participate. Yule will also feature wassail making, singing, toasting and of course the Yule log! Older children are welcome to attend. No dogs please as there are cats that live at this home. Please RSVP to happyvalleygoldenwheel at gmail dot com for location of the event. Gathering time is 5:00 with dinner to start at 6:00. We hope to see you there!

The Secret Yankee Elephant Gift Game

If you want to participate in the Yankee swap gift exchange:

1) RSVP to email (happyvalleygoldenwheel at gmail.com) or the Facebook event.

2) Either choose a Major Arcana Tarot card or ask to randomly receive an assigned card for your theme. If you choose, let us know what you have chosen so we can take that card out of the mix and verify you chose a unique card (you may be asked to re-select in order to stay unique).  Either way, contact happyvalleygoldenwheel via email or FB private message to let us know your selection (and keep it a secret).

3) Make or purchase a gift (no more than $20) that would fit that theme.

4) Wrap the gift and bring it to Yule. 

For instance, say you receive “The Empress” as your card. Appropriate gifts might be homemade cookies, jewelry or a piece of art. Wrap the gift and put a note on it that says “The Empress”.

The game begins from there!

Here are suggestions for gifts for each card:

The Fool – something funny or silly

The Magician – books, magical implements like wands and knives; writing implements

The High Priestess – books, magical implements like cups and plates

The Empress – candy, jewelry, anything pretty

The Emperor – things that guys like 

The Hierophant – a book or audio that teaches something

The Lovers – things a couple could use; romantic things

The Chariot – things for cars or bikes

Strength – items related to exercise

The Hermit – things you can enjoy alone

The Wheel of Fortune – lotto tickets, games 

Justice – things related to balanced practices (meditation and yoga) 

The Hanged Man – liquid gifts 

Death – gifts to help bring peace like scented oils, candles, music

Temperance – items related to health

The Devil – things that are tempting (food, drink, etc)

The Tower – fiery things like incense and candles

The Star – shiny sparkly things 

The Moon – reflective things 

The Sun – glowing or light-giving things

Judgement – things that keep you warm – scarves, mittens, 

The World – safety items or safeguarding items – a lockable box, or an orange safety vest

Game Rules

0) Count up players, make sure everyone has a gift in the game.

1) Randomly hand out numbers up to the number of players to determine play order (e.g. make slips of paper with the numbers, shuffle, deal out).

2) Round 1: player 1 chooses a gift and this continues in player number order until everyone has a gift in front of them. Do not unwrap at this time. 

3) Round 2: First player starts. Unwrap the gift you have. Decide if you want it or want to swap it. You can swap with something unwrapped. IMPORTANT: no one can permanently keep a gift in this round. 

4) Round 3: Last player starts. Last player can keep the gift they have or swap. If they keep, the gift and player is out of the game. If swapping, they cannot keep that gift in this round.

5) The play continues in reverse player order until everyone has kept a gift. 

6) Bonus! When keeping a gift, see if you can guess (A) what Tarot card this is for and (B) who gave it. First one correct on both accounts wins another prize!