02 Sumbel

The Happy Valley Golden Wheel, with some assistance from Penn State Silver Circle members and alumni, held a Sumbel, a Norse toasting ritual, in Sue's barn in Warrior's Mark, PA.  This commemorated the approximate 1 year anniversary of the group which was also founded at a Sumbel, and a number of Golden Wheel founders renewed vows to continue to run the group for another year.

In this barn:

Sue's Barn

we assembled a Sumbel hall out of rope and tarps:

Assembling the Sumbel Hall

and cinder blocks:

cinder blocks holding tarps

It snowed the day of the event, which howling winds blew into the barn:

snow in the barn

The Sumbel hall was completed with tarps, blankets, tapestries, tablecloths and candles.  A few space heaters broke the chill.

Looking down sumbel hall

A view towards the head table.

in the Sumbel hall

Head table with (left to right) Silver Circle co-presidents Hetty and Sierra, former Silver Circle co-presidents and lady and lord of the hall, Christina and Sean, former Silver Circle co-presidents and Happy Valley Golden Wheel founders Jeff and Holly.

Sumbel hall with host