Code of Conduct

HVGW Code of Conduct

The following are what is expected of HVGW members:

1. Practice respectful behavior toward all members of the HVGW.

2. Practice tolerance of all non-harmful beliefs and creeds, even if you don't agree with them.

3. Respect the law of the land.

4. Follow the decrees of the group leaders and heed the decisions made by vote of the membership.

The following will ensue in immediate removal from the group:

1. Harassment, abuse or assault of other members, either online or in person, with either mundane or magical means

2. "Outing" another member of HVGW without their knowledge or against their wishes

3. Making recordings of any HVGW proceedings without permission

Repeat offenders of the following will result in removal from the group:

1. Bad behavior on our online venues such as, but not limited to, spamming, trolling, engaging in flame wars or social networking abuses

2. Disrespectful behaviors or attitudes demonstrated during rituals, as outlined by the "Ritual Etiquette" guidelines below

Ritual Etiquette

1. Show up on time for the ritual, or if you can't help being late please inform the ritual leader prior to the start of the ritual.

2. Do not enter or exit a ritual space while the ritual is ongoing without permission of the ritual leader.

3. During ritual no talking or creating any other disturbance unless authorized by the ritual leader. Shut off cell phones and other devices.

4. Participate as best you can. Please lend what constructive energy you can to the ritual.

5. Individual rituals may have more expectations as determined by the ritual leader. Please be aware of and follow these rules as well.