Class Series 4: 

The Bronze Ring

Dates: The First Tuesday of Every Month 

Location: Websters Bookstore and Cafe in State College, PA

Time: 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Welcome to the Bronze Ring!

Some of you may have noticed a theme with our group names here at HVGW. If you know the history of Happy Valley Gold Wheel, you know that HVGW is a community version of the Penn State organization Silver Circle. Bronze Ring is the next link in the chain as it were. BR, as opposed to our more specialty classes, is meant to get “back to basics” by offering beginner classes which will improve the students’ understanding of the history and diversity of spiritual paths which are our heritage as Western people. Every month, we will engage a new topic of learning and/or discussion for this class, starting with - the “basics”. However, as the history of Paganism and magic has had many twists and turns over the centuries, the “basics” are actually quite the opposite! But don’t worry - we’re here to help navigate this strange and beautiful maze which is modern Paganism.

Is there a particular topic you would like learn about? Then please let us know!

In addition to lectures, BR has as its objective the practical training in fundamentals of spiritual and magical practice. Granted, this is a very large field of inquiry, so we have decided to focus ourselves by setting a certain developmental and experiential goal each semester. Students will practice the foundational skills needed to achieve this goal during class time, and will leave class with resources and practical homework to accomplish each month. These classes aim for a foundational and comprehensive approach that will allow diligent students to approach any field of magic with core skills and knowledge of what to expect. By working with teachers who are themselves initiates, newcomers to magical practice will have the advantage of experienced guides for their own journeys. We are here to encourage and facilitate exploration, helping individuals manifest the treasures of this lost wisdom in their own lives and thereby build the strong foundations of the new Pagan cultural revolution.

Come join us every first Tuesday at Websters Bookstore and Cafe in downtown State College!