Yule - Jólablót

Date: Dec 17, 2022
Time: 5-11pm
Location: Disclosed upon RSVP

Events: Ritual!  Feasting!  Gifting!
RSVP form: bit.ly/3Fnyl7w

Join Happy Valley Golden Wheel for our Yuletide celebrations on December 17th at 5pm! We will have a Norse ritual and potluck feast in honor of the season. There will also be a white elephant gift exchange with a gifting theme of the Norns or Fates. More details with RSVP including the location. 

This Yuletide observation of Jólablót is a Norse ritual of the Winter's Solstice going back hundreds of years. We will be honoring the gods of the Norse tradition and the Yule season with toasts and hallowing. Please join us to celebrate Yule!