Beltane 2019 - The Rite of Dagda

When: Sat, Apr 27, 2019, 1-3pm

Where: Bonfire Sanctuary at Boal Mansion, Boalsburg, PA 

This year, Happy Valley Golden Wheel is celebrating Beltane in the tradition of ADF. ADF, "A Druid Fellowship" or Ár nDraíocht Féin, which is Gaelic for “Our own Druidry/Magic”, and the practices ADF are focused on are developing a spiritual relationship with the Earth through the rites of the Old Gods. This is a time of honoring and promoting fertile production for the year ahead, and in that spirit our rite will honor The Dagda, the Good God, a Celtic God of Plenty

We will follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual for High Days, beginning with a pre-ritual briefing to go over the rite. Then we will honor the Earth Mother, set up the sacred space and Hallows, then invite the Kindreds to join us before honoring the Dagda. We will ask for blessings for the year to come then thank those that have aided us.

Light refreshments provided by HVGW will follow the Beltane ritual. Children are welcome to attend this free, family-friendly event. The ritual happens rain or shine, so please come dressed for the weather.