Moon Service Mar 2020

Date: Mar 9, 2020

Time: 8-10pm

Location: Rhoneymeade Arboretum & Sculpture Garden, 177 Rimmey Rd, Centre Hall, PA 16828, USA

Happy Valley Golden Wheel will be hosting a Full Moon Ceremony on Monday March 9th at Rhoneymeade Sculpture Garden and Arboretum in Centre Hall. Gathering time is at 8:00pm with ritual to begin shortly after. The ritual will be presented in a non-denominational Wiccan format as many Pagans are familiar with this structure. This is a great chance to connect with the energy of the full moon and bring it into your life, as well as to participate in group ritual. Each month our topic of working will change to best use the energies available at the time. Snacks and beverage will be provided for the “cakes and ale” segment of the ritual. You may also bring a divination device if you so choose. Older kids are ok to attend with parental permission. 

The Moon in Virgo is a perfect time for spring cleaning, so let's do some! Weather permitting we are lighting up our first fire of the year at the new bonfire circle and doing a little ritual to rid ourselves of symbolic clutter. Please bring documents you would like to ritually dispose of in a sacred fire. These can pertain to any matter in your life that you want to be rid of. We will then release this energy in a good way in the circle together. You can bring up to one full box of papers to burn, but please make sure they are safe to treat this way (no plastic or chemicals in them). We will then celebrate our letting go with ritual s'mores. If weather is inclement this ritual will be moved to another location, so stay tuned for more information. Thank you and blessed be!