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NOTE: Between September 5, 2023 and Dec 8, 2023, Websters will again be open weekday evenings until 9!  That means we will be hosting our Tuesday evening classes once again at the "Mystery Table," the table surrounded by bookshelves in the mystery books section along the wall furthest away from the kitchen, alley and stage, and no longer near the stage.  You can also again order drinks and food while you join us for class; the kitchen will close at 8:30pm.  Note, these hours change again for Fall semester finals week (close at 8pm during the A*A class on Dec 12), again for the semester break (close at 7pm before KoM class on Dec 19) and again in January, 2024 (close at 7:30pm during the Spring semester).  For these later classes, we will be back to the stage area.


The Happy Valley Golden Wheel, an unincorporated non-profit association, is a Pagan networking initiative based in Centre County. We are dedicated to reaching out to local pagans and providing opportunities to celebrate the eight solar holidays in a community-oriented way. We tend to focus on the Wheel of the Year, but other kinds of celebrations and projects also emerge based on the interest of our membership. New ideas and energy are always welcome!